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Reduce IT complexity with cutting edge technologies and solutions for your business.

At Fenix Alliance, we work to help our clients realize the full potential of their business through managed, reliable, smart and secure IT solutions that take advantage of cloud computing and unleash the power of data and business collaboration.

About us
Our strategy and operations

Our departments.

We have organized in specialized groups to help our clients according to their industry or specific needs. Meet the members of the Fenix Alliance Group.

FA@Technologies Logo

Our technology department develops and structures reliable and intelligent IT solutions that evolve with your organization, making use of the best engineering practices.

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Our eCommerce department puts at your fingertips the best in technology for modern organizations and homes. Discover thousands of products from the best brands such as Intel, Cisco, MSI, Nvidia, Samsung, Segeate, Surface, Xbox and many more.

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Education is the key to a better future. Meet our academic development team and its initiatives, services and solutions dedicated to enrich experiences in the education sector.

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When you get an Alliance ID you get access to the best service experience. Log in with your Alliance ID to access the management of your solutions, downloads, products and business-grade support.

Industries of action.

Learn about the industries in which Fenix Alliance provides services and how organizations are making us the ace up their sleeve in their operations.

Education sector

Regardless of the size of your educational center, at Fenix Alliance we collaborate with our clients to deliver smart solutions and technologies that students already know and love to use.

Health sector

Discover the future of medical care and health care through safe and reliable solutions that transform mobility and enable the efficiency of your staff to provide quality service.

Public sector

Transform administrative operations and optimize your management, driving the next generation and providing economic growth through solutions that meet the highest standards.

Financial sector

Unleash the power of your business information with technologies that generate recognition in the various areas of your organization, helping to make better decisions and strengthen the sales and service activities in your organization.

Manufacturing sector

Throughout the world, businesses have been connecting their resources and leveraging their information to create powerful business value. Connect your organization and define intelligent processes to increase the productivity and efficiency of your company.

Sector minorista

Grow with the confidence that your business is safe and that your systems will grow with you. Connect the devices in your store and increase the efficiency of IT and the capacity of recovery of the business.

Our trusted Partners.

We understand the power of cooperation, that is why we have established Partnerships with world leading companies for the development and deployment of cutting edge solutions, as well as the best service through these strategic alliances.

Technology Portfolio.

Services and solutions.

Learn about the solutions that power our businesses. Reach the maximum operational level with world-class technologies and intelligent solutions that allow organizations to achieve their objectives.

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Sustainability in
Fenix Alliance

At the Fenix Alliance, sustainability is a part of everything we do. Fenix Alliance has been – and will continue to be – a strong advocate for local and global solutions that accelerate a future of clean energy, economic growth and social development.

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Our latest news and updates.

Our blog is a space destined to share our corporate thinking, news about the things that we are proud of and a bit of the methodologies we use to help our clients reach their goals.

Open All Hours

May 30th, 2018|0 Comments

By Karen McCandless from OnWindows Karen McCandless finds out how the right technology can enable retailers to serve consumers at any point of their shopping journey anywhere and on any device in a consistent, [...]

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Whether you need a special service or a full service package, our experts will be happy to advise you at any time.

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